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CampfireSocial launches to engage trade verticals in a new way

CampfireSocial launches to engage trade verticals in a new way

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CampfireSocial, a social network and e-commerce SaaS software designed to provide an organisation with a diversified revenue stream, increased year-round membership engagement and a new digital marketing vehicle for vendor partners, has been launched.

Founded by tech entrepreneur Erica Bishaf, a 20+ year veteran in market intelligence, strategy and trade shows, CampfireSocial provides advanced data and analytics to an organisation via a combined social media and e-commerce interface that generates continual stakeholder engagement.

“Organisations need to shift how they deliver value, benefits and relevance to their stakeholders,” said Erica Bishaf, Founder and CEO of CampfireSocial.

“CampfireSocial is unlike any community or marketplace solution that has ever been seen. The app stickiness of CampfireSocial combined with business analytics and data visualisation of our targeted social listening platform produces real-time audience insights and interactive data dashboards on how the ecosystem thinks, behaves and transacts daily.

“This integration produces a powerful marketing vehicle that drives revenue growth and ROI to all industry stakeholders.”

The platform is white labelled for an organisation and allows it to:

  • Facilitate social community engagement, e-commerce and content delivery online via mobile or desktop 365/24/7
  • Provide industry members with a personalised digital experience where they can demonstrate thought leadership and be heard
  • Conduct social listening and gather data to better respond and serve stakeholders
  • Generate revenue via sponsorship, e-commerce and paid content opportunities
  • Deliver on strategic initiatives and industry engagement
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