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Appriss Insights highlights value of employee-centric approach to criminal monitoring in new resource

Appriss Insights highlights value of employee-centric approach to criminal monitoring in new resource

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As HR industry professionals encourage employers to optimise human resource management by promoting a culture of employee assistance, organisations in the background screening industry are utilising an employee-centric approach to post-hire continuous criminal monitoring.

A new resource, released today by Appriss Insights, authored by Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Brian Kelly, explores how timely incarceration alerts or the initial report of potential criminal activity collected from correctional agencies, give employers the opportunity to identify warning signs in employee behaviour and provide counselling, training and other forms of assistance for their employees.

Post-hire continuous monitoring solutions, utilised by consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) as part of their background screening packages, allow employers to proactively identify and manage potential problems within their employee roster – a critical feature in a ‘gig economy’ with many companies depending on a distributed workforce. These solutions strengthen company brands by reducing insider threats, protecting employees and customers and encouraging consistent, positive communication between employers and their employees.

When incarceration alerts inform employers about a criminal justice-related event at the earliest point of possible intervention, employers can take meaningful action to protect stakeholders and avoid negligent retention employment claims. However, not every incarceration leads to a conviction, and some employers will not want to take action based on an incarceration alert alone. In most cases, the initial incarceration alert is simply an early indicator that an employer should begin talking with an employee to address potential problems.

This encourages organisations to move from a punitive mindset in human resource management to a holistic one. Employers can be a force for meaningful social good and employee advocacy. Forward-thinking employers are also exploring how robust criminal monitoring programmes can encourage fair chance hiring practices and improve employee retention rates.

The resource highlights five CRAs’ continuous monitoring solutions that are improved by incarceration data that is timely, detailed and rich in personally identifiable information (PII).

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