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Changing the face of deliveries

Changing the face of deliveries

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Branded deliveries through Picup, a crowdsource delivery and tech company, is now possible. The innovative last mile delivery company has introduced a unique concept where its drivers become the face of any specific brand.

Picup has become a model for innovation in the courier and logistics space, and is consistently predicting niches in the market and developing its software and driver framework to accommodate growing needs.

Until now, companies that are fully e-commerce have almost no face-to-face interaction with their customers. However, Picup is changing this by introducing its premium driver network for businesses.

Picup Plus is a premium service aimed at businesses that require drivers to represent their brand. This service was specifically designed for business clients that require the delivery experience to align with their customer experience strategies.

Picup Plus works on a strict selection basis when measuring driver performance. This comprises key factors like experience, track record, internal ratings and regular customer feedback.

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