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HiDubai introduces cost-effective digital solutions for SMEs in Dubai

HiDubai introduces cost-effective digital solutions for SMEs in Dubai

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HiDubai has announced the beta launch of the first fully serviced Digital Advertising Solutions for SMEs. ‘SME Sales Booster’ and ‘Sales Hero’ are two solutions that deliver guaranteed results for businesses, addressing the most common challenge they face.

After generating over 3 million business leads to SMEs in Dubai, HiDubai is launching these new features targeted at companies looking to create more sales leads. The service aims to help companies achieve more sales and increase brand awareness for as low as AED 349 per month. It is a fully supported model covering digital strategy, design, PR and online campaigns.

HE Abdul Baset Al Janahi, Member of Board of Directors of Tejuri Com LLC, said, “Our data science team frequently indicated that SMEs in Dubai are facing challenges in generating sales leads. We also understand that it is not a commercially viable option for SMEs to build teams tackling digital strategy and lead generation. From a macro point of view, we observed that all the global consumer tech giants are chasing big brands with larger budgets and not SMEs. Some companies, who attempted to address this advertising need of the SME sector, couldn’t achieve a product-market fit.

We understood the need to build a fully supported online subscription product at an affordable price point and have launched two solutions named SME-Sales-Booster and Sales-Hero. We are helping SMEs by removing the burden of investing in resources to manage campaign strategy, design, optimised marketing mix, campaign management, PR and analytics through these solutions. We do everything from scratch to deliver targeted visitors and sales leads. With the launch of SME Sales Booster and Sales Hero now, HiDubai will go a step ahead in solving sales & lead generation struggles of SMEs.”

SME sales booster is an entry-level solution that covers design, campaign strategy, media, PR coverage for micro-businesses and guarantees 200 targeted visitors per month. Sales Hero is an enhanced variant with a custom-built AI-enabled chatbot with 500 targeted visitors per month.

To motivate SMEs to take their first step in their advertising journey, Dubai SME, an agency of Dubai Economy, is offering a subsidy of 50% of the price of the solutions.

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