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Conversica unveils conversational ABM solution to deliver personalised engagement at scale

Conversica unveils conversational ABM solution to deliver personalised engagement at scale

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Conversica, a leader in conversational AI solutions for enterprise revenue teams that help organisations attract, acquire and grow customers at scale, announced new conversational account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities available through its AI Assistants.  

Conversica’s Conversational ABM solution combines the value of personalised human dialogue with the prompt, persistent and consistent engagement of Conversational AI, enabling sales and marketing teams to execute at scale with increased engagement, accelerated deal cycles and better customer experience for every account. 

ABM has emerged as an essential go-to-market strategy in today’s digital age, arming organisations with useful intent data to better target and engage high-value accounts and deliver a consistent omnichannel experience that meets buyer expectations. However, marketing and sales teams consistently face capacity limitations and, as a result, don’t have the time to effectively use the data for personalised outreach at scale.  

Conversica’s 2021 State of Account-Based Marketing Report revealed that only 49% of salespeople and 43% of marketers in the research study say they currently use intent data to personalise prospect communications. Additionally, only 38% of salespeople are sending personalised communications to top prospects on every touch, indicating that the effort to manually deliver timely, personalised communications to every target account remains a challenge for overburdened teams within both departments. 

Conversica’s Conversational ABM solution solves the ABM execution challenge by automating personalised outreach across email, SMS and website chat. By leveraging account-based insights, such as firmographic, buyers’ persona, sales stage and intent data, Conversica AI Assistants engage with prospects in hyper-personalised, dynamic, two-way conversations – just as a human would.  

At the moment intent is determined, the AI Assistant can autonomously interpret the next best action and drive the accounts and contacts towards revenue-generating decisions.  

Conversica’s Conversational ABM capabilities provide the consistency and scale that allows sales teams to work only the qualified target accounts and concentrate on conversion and close while simultaneously presenting an innovative approach to solve ABM execution. 

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