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Singaporean businesses thrive through self-reliant strategies

Singaporean businesses thrive through self-reliant strategies

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As Singapore’s economy gradually reopens and relaxation of the movement restrictions, SMEs remains in a tenuous position. However, with continuous support from the government and self-reliant adaptive strategies, SMEs are determined to not just safeguard their survival, but also ensure their long-term competitiveness as the economy recovers.

During this period, SMEs were looking to engage in digitalising their business, as the movement restriction had shifted customer interactions to the digital space thus forcing SMEs to adopt technological solutions to meet the new market demands. Balancing this act, SMEs are also emphasising upskilling their workforce to integrate their digitalisation strategy better.

“Every little step counts. Each achievement reminds us to stay competitive, innovative, productive and continue to strive for improvement every single day,” said Ong Chuan Aik, Managing Director, JR Life Sciences Pte.

“We are privileged and honoured to be working closely with many SMEs in Singapore and the region to help them reap the strategic benefits of Digital Transformation, by providing them with not just digital solutions and tools that are customised to their needs, but also our excellent support services to provide regular training to our customers to ensure they maximise the advantages afforded by our solutions and stay up to date and savvy with the latest developments in technology,” said Aaron Lee, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Gabkotech Innovations.

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