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92% of HR leaders will increase use of Artificial Intelligence as solution for rising talent challenges 

92% of HR leaders will increase use of Artificial Intelligence as solution for rising talent challenges 

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Eightfold AI, a leader in AI-powered talent intelligence, has announced the findings from  Eightfold’s 2022 Talent Survey, The Future of Work: Intelligent by Design. The report details a plan to deploy Artificial Intelligence to adapt to the demands of the modern talent space, based on responses from more than 250 HR executives and nearly 1,000 employees. 

In fact, 92% of HR executives are planning on increasing their use of AI in at least one area of HR. By uncovering new challenges and priorities from HR leaders and employees, the report from Eightfold examines opportunities to overcome the ongoing talent shortage and record-high turnover by creating solutions that are intelligent by design. 

“As HR leaders recognise the need for sophisticated technology to solve an urgent and growing list of priorities, it is critical that they know the best practices as they scale their talent operations,” said Ashutosh Garg, Founder and CEO of Eightfold AI. “Talent intelligence has the power to reshape how leaders face today’s greatest challenges. By infusing data and insights into decision-making, they can take a comprehensive approach to manage all talent and architect a future-ready workforce.” 

By surveying employees, the report unveiled how post-pandemic expectations and priorities have shifted to value transparency, flexibility and growth opportunities. Key findings in talent management include: 

Employees crave increased visibility into skills gaps. 

Just76% of HR leaders believe understanding skills and capabilities across their workforce is vital to long-term organisational success. Employees agree, with 64% saying it’s important to have increased visibility into their skills gaps or the organisation’s future skills needs. To successfully compete for and retain top talent, there is an opportunity to double down on understanding what people are capable of now and what skills they need to succeed, today and tomorrow. 

Employees demand transparency in the promotion process  

Only 69% of employees consider a transparent promotion and career development process to be important, but only 41% of employers offer transparent career development opportunities to all talent. HR leaders must rethink their approaches to adapt to post-pandemic employee preferences. 

Organisations have an opportunity to democratise employee experience offerings 

When asked about the extent to which employee experiences, programmes and opportunities are offered, less than 50% of HR leaders offer any single benefit to everyone. In fact, only 35% of employers offer opportunities to pivot into new roles within the company to all talent within the organisation. Democratising succession planning and internal mobility translate into talent retention and less time spent headhunting. 

In order to keep pace with current demands and simplify the sourcing process, the report suggests HR leaders need to transform their current approaches to attracting and acquiring new talent. As employers report finding talent in a shortage as the top challenge, there is an opportunity to remove the barriers candidates face in the application process and expand the criteria to attract alternative candidates.  

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