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Thailand IT talent shortage: solution from Vietnam technology companies

Thailand IT talent shortage: solution from Vietnam technology companies

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VMO Holdings, one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam, announced its opening and establishment of VMO Thailand with the participation and support of many Thai SMEs and corporations.

Thailand is a potential technology market that is growing strongly with the government’s support and investment from top hedge funds in the world.

Chris Pham, CBO of VMO Thailand as well as a technology consultant for many Thai businesses, said: “After two years of the pandemic, the Thai technology market continues to grow rapidly, leading to the demand for IT human resources in Thailand to surge significantly.

“The shortage of skilled professionals is rising while domestic human resources are not meeting that huge demand.”

As cited in a World Economic Forum 2019 survey, it showed that technology will significantly impact 1.1 billion employment. Thailand has just 14% of highly skilled professionals among the 141 nations surveyed. Therefore, it is no surprise that IT outsourcing services have emerged as one of the foremost human resource trends.

“With our capability and experience of providing technology services to Thai businesses in the Thai tech market, I believe that VMO is well positioned to solve the issue of manpower shortage. VMO Holdings commits to bringing its top-notch IT services to Thailand and meeting the demands of the IT human resources shortage in the region,” Pham said.

VMO Thailand continues to prove itself as a prominent player in the Thai IT industry. By 2025, VMO Thailand aims to have served over 100 clients, allocated 2,000 IT developers and provide leading Digital Transformation for both Web2 and Web3 enterprises with unmatched confidence and expertise. This ultimate goal is to be recognised as one of the top five IT outsourcing companies in Thailand, and VMO Thailand is committed to achieving this by delivering high-quality IT services and establishing strong partnerships with clients.

Pham emphasises VMO’s mission to the Thai Market: “VMO Thailand goes to Thai and becomes Thai. Our objective is to introduce premium-grade services from abroad to the Thai market, with a deep-seated desire to dedicate ourselves to and actively contribute towards the development of Thailand, just as any other upstanding Thai citizen would.

“We consider this start as an excellent opportunity to enhance customers’ experiences, dedicate our expertise to the Thai technology market and accompany Thai businesses towards elevating the region’s IT position. We will leverage our extensive experience in consulting and implementing Digital Transformation to revolutionise traditional businesses in Thailand.”

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