Just 3% of reps are happy with their current cold approach response rate

Just 3% of reps are happy with their current cold approach response rate

Enterprise sales teams are failing to convince 91% of prospects that the sales content they receive has been personalised to them. This is according to new research by Gong, a leading revenue intelligence platform, that shows that customers and prospects crave a personalised approach. In the attention sales economy, customer-facing teams are expected to show an intimate understanding of their target’s business, their role and the challenges they face. 

Buyers and reps both identify better personalisation as the number one way to increase response rates. The common ‘spray and pray’ approach falls flat and fails to deliver the results teams expect. 

The disconnect is from reps wasting time on ineffective personalisation and not unlocking the timing and outreach puzzle. In fact, research from McKinsey found that organisations that excel at personalisation generate 40% more revenue than average players.

Driving revenue with AI 

Revenue teams need more scalable, effective and efficient outreach approaches, and sellers are anxious to reap the benefits of new technologies. For example, 78% of reps would like to use generative AI to personalise their sales engagement.

A quarter (26%) of revenue leaders have already started implementing AI in their go-to-market process, with another 26% planning to use it in the next 12 months. 

Doing more with less is critical to business success, and the appetite to leverage AI in revenue workflows is growing. Eighty-one percent of leaders are looking to increase seller productivity with AI. AI-backed technologies such as generative AI can not only decrease the time sellers spend creating content, they also help prioritise workflows and effective activities. AI can determine the warmest leads and next-best-actions for sellers across their entire deal cycle. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of B2B sales organisations will replace traditional sales playbooks with AI-based guided selling solutions.

One platform for every revenue team

Today’s leaders are unhappy with their sales engagement platforms, with just 12% surveyed in the report liking their current sales engagement solution. A majority of sellers (84%) said their biggest pain point was switching between multiple tools to complete their selling activities. A best-in-class solution is a consolidated platform that can understand, automate and deliver personalised outreach that saves teams time and increases revenue.

Wendy Harris, SVP of International at Gong, said: “Sales reps and leaders are under increasing pressure to do more with less and are looking for better solutions to convert pipeline into profit. With pipeline performance a headline priority for every revenue leader this year, teams must take into account optimising sales processes, improving productivity and neatening efficiency approaches. This is the engine that will drive more revenue and meet targets.”

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