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South African employers are desperate for IT talent

South African employers are desperate for IT talent

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Seventy-eight percent of local organisations are struggling to find the IT talent they need, with demand for skilled IT professionals increasing by 29% in the last 12 months, according to the most recent ManpowerGroup South Africa Employment Outlook Survey.

This goes against the grain of the global employment trend established by the survey, with the global net employment outlook – calculated by subtracting employers planning reductions vs those planning to hire – at 23%, down 4% year-over-year, indicating that international hiring is actually slowing. These statistics suggest that employers are only willing to hire people if they have the right skills – particularly in the IT space.

“While the global labour market remains resilient, this data suggests we’re facing a slightly cloudier Q3 as employers take a more measured approach to adding to their workforce,” said Lyndy van den Barselaar, ManpowerGroup South Africa Managing Director. “Employers are trying to find the right balance in hiring when shortages for in-demand roles remain at record levels while anticipating a more challenging economic outlook in the future.”

The demand for IT professionals has been steadily increasing due to the rapid advancement of technology and the Digital Transformation of various industries. This demand is driven by finance, telecommunications, healthcare and e-commerce sectors, among others. In South Africa, many employers struggle to find candidates with the necessary technical expertise and experience required for specific IT roles. This gap can be attributed to various factors, including inadequate educational programmes, limited access to relevant training and the technology industry’s dynamic nature.

ManpowerGroup SA is tackling the IT skills shortage with the ManpowerGroup South Africa IT Academy, launched to tackle the global skills shortage at a local level through a world-class, innovative and fully immersed educational experience designed to support those from disadvantaged backgrounds who demonstrate promise and aptitude in IT. The Academy offers certified courses for potential employees from diverse backgrounds, experiences and skill levels. Following a three-month custom-created course, candidates write an accredited exam and apply their skills to a challenge the industry faces. An internationally validated tool is then used to evaluate candidates, helping employers find the best fit for their workforce. Graduates are equipped with advanced skillsets and have the ability to contribute significantly to the Digital Transformation of businesses across industries.

With its second cohort of students recently celebrating their graduation, the success of the ManpowerGroup South Africa IT Academy shows that innovative, collaborative approaches can help fill the significant talent gap in the IT sector in South Africa – and beyond.

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