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Evolving European customer service landscape revealed in latest report

Evolving European customer service landscape revealed in latest report

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A new report by the ECCCSE (European Contact Centre & Customer Service Exchange) and CCMA (Call Centre Management Association) reveals the changing customer service landscape across six of the largest markets in Europe. It was supported by Odigo, a leading European Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) provider that meets all EU regulatory and compliance requirements.

Almost one in three (31%) consumers across the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands believe customer service has got worse in the last 12 months. A thriving e-commerce market has exposed many UK consumers to slick digital experiences which they have come to expect from all sectors and brands. At the same time, financial and political concerns are shifting the context of support while feeling the financial hardship. This combination of expectation and economic climate is powerful.

The report reveals that consumers across those six countries who are feeling the financial pinch are more likely to think customer service standards are declining – with over a third (38%) of those struggling with finances believing that customer service has got worse in the last 12 months. There is also the additional challenge of stability, with 44% of UK consumers saying they are less certain about the future. The findings indicate this increased need for support, one of the major factors impacting customer service perceptions, is set to continue.  

Importantly for organisations serving customers in multiple European countries, there are several trends in the data which can help brands tailor effective customer-centric strategies. Such as customer preferences when it comes to self-service or certain queries. Out of the six markets, for example – while the UK and Spain both rank the highest for negative opinion of customer service – Spain also had more positive ratings and better overall result. Additionally, sectors on the front line, fielding high numbers of calls from vulnerable citizens in difficult times, received poorer feedback, namely utilities and government. Both are among the sectors most affected by on-going global economic and social upheavals.

Leigh Hopwood, Managing Director of ECCCSE and CEO of CCMA, said: “This research reveals how a challenging economic and political environment is taking its toll across Europe. And in a time of widespread uncertainty and financial constraint, more than ever people all across the continent need and expect timely resolution to their queries and problems.”

Melissa Cowdry, Director of Field Marketing at Odigo, said: “Success will depend on leadership in the field of customer experience, based on the capacity to listen to consumers, qualify and predict their needs, as well as supporting agents with powerful CCaaS solutions driven by AI and data.”

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