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Nearly half of digital experience professionals lack a clear view of their customers

Nearly half of digital experience professionals lack a clear view of their customers

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Despite being responsible for building and improving digital experiences, 43% of DX professionals do not have a clear view of customer preferences across their websites and apps. That’s according to a new report on digital expectations and realities from DX data and insights platform, FullStory.

The new study includes over 700 digital experience professionals across product, UX, CX, marketing and e-commerce roles spanning the UK, USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Findings highlight that 73% of DX professionals have a defined strategy for digital experience on their website or app but are lacking the insights needed to confidently tailor experiences toward real user behaviours and preferences. The vast majority (76%) agree that they need both more quantitative and more qualitative insight in order to provide the most satisfactory digital experiences. 

Half of DX professionals (50%) say they have no clear view of their customers’ behaviours online, while 62% don’t have visibility of customers’ attitudes and beliefs. This figure rises to 73% for those attempting to understand customer moods and mindsets.

Across the globe, the extent to which DX pros have visibility of customers’ needs and preferences varies:

  • 67% – Indonesia
  • 67% – Netherlands
  • 63% – USA
  • 61% – Singapore
  • 60% – UK
  • 41% – Australia
  • 48% – Germany

This lack of visibility is making it difficult for companies to improve their customer experiences, with 81% of respondents saying they have no clear visibility of when their customers are frustrated in apps or online.

The DX data gap

In addition to issues getting the data crucial to understanding customers, DX professionals also report struggling with the data they are able to gather. A third (33%) say that they have no single, reliable ‘source of truth’ to inform their strategies.

Data silos are adding to these challenges, with 28% agreeing that relevant team members can’t directly access the DX data they need to make decisions. Nearly a third (30%) also agree that teams end up replicating the same insights without knowing it due to disjointed systems and unreliable tech.

Investing in insight

To overcome these issues, 71% of DX professionals are investing in DX insights and analytics platforms, with 35% adopting ‘frustration signal analytics’, 27% investing in session replay technology and 49% using a full-service DX analytics platform. 

Andrew Fairbank, FullStory’s Vice President of EMEA, said: “In today’s market, companies absolutely can’t afford to give customers subpar experiences online. The DX teams who shape these experiences play a vital role in maximising loyalty, retention and revenue. It’s crucial they can access comprehensive and reliable DX data and insights to inform strategies. 

“By eliminating data silos and adopting the right technologies, companies can build meaningful insights into their customers’ behaviours and preferences. The platforms that bring these insights together into a single source of truth are the future of this market.”

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