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MarkiTech expands its footprint in the GCC market

MarkiTech expands its footprint in the GCC market

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MarkiTech, a globally renowned leader in advanced digital health and wellness solutions, is making a significant impact in the Middle East with the launch of two innovative wellness applications: Veyetals and Well@Work.

MarkiTech’s global product portfolio features a variety of transformative digital solutions, including early diabetes detection, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine and fall detection for seniors, among others.

Veyetals, a pioneering next-generation monitoring application, offers a seamless and non-intrusive wellness monitoring system. In collaboration with a valued partner based in Dubai, MarkiTech also introduced Well@Work, designed to address the growing need for employee well-being support, this comprehensive health and wellness companion empowers individuals to take control of their physical and mental well-being.

Veyetals leverages the capabilities of Smartphone, tablet and desktop cameras to provide contactless vital sign measurement 24/7, 365 days a year. Users can monitor a wide range of vital signs, including heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, blood pressure, glucose and stress levels, all within just 30 seconds. This innovative technology represents a radical shift in healthcare by utilising both face detection and finger scanning, driven by state-of-the-art AI, Machine Learning and computer vision technology, ensuring exceptional precision within the range of 90-95%.

Veyetals empowers users to access vital sign monitoring without the need for expensive medical devices or wearables, making healthcare more accessible than ever before.

Users can effortlessly track their vital sign history, view weekly and monthly charts and seamlessly share this data with caregivers and healthcare providers, fostering greater collaboration and informed decision-making. Veyetals also seamlessly integrates into existing platforms through SDK and API, enabling healthcare providers to capture vital signs during telemedicine sessions and receive real-time alerts when readings deviate from the expected range.

Employers are losing approximately US$16 billion in revenue annually due to absenteeism related to health issues. Companies that provide support to employees in managing their life experiences witness a notable 20% surge in the number of employees reporting improved physical and mental well-being. Supported by rigorous academic research and crafted with the aim of encouraging behavioural shifts, Well@Work serves as a platform that educates, involves and motivates employees, empowering them to attain their individual well-being objectives. Through personalised goal setting, in-depth assessments and valuable insights, Well@Work offers a user-friendly platform to enhance productivity, improve overall well-being and identify potential health risks. Users can set personalised health goals, track their progress through daily pulse checks and receive an index score that measures their holistic health. Well@Work provides assessments in categories such as productivity potential, well-being and health risk, granting users invaluable feedback and insights. The platform also offers educational content, session management and notification features to support users on their health journeys, enabling them to unlock their full potential and lead healthier, happier lives.

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