SearchBrothers’ meteoric rise to SEO dominance

SearchBrothers’ meteoric rise to SEO dominance

In a world that loves a good old ‘.com’ web address, it has become increasingly difficult for new businesses to stand out online. Non-traditional domains from Identity Digital have helped many businesses grow and succeed, including SearchBrothers, which was founded by two ex-Google SEO employees. Identity Digital manages and operates nearly 300 new web addresses, offering companies like SearchBrothers a variety of options to find the best name for their brand.

Fili Wiese and Kaspar Szymanski’s journey from former Google Search employees to leading SEO experts exemplifies leveraging unique expertise and innovative strategies to build a solid personal and business brand. Their success story includes strategically utilising descriptive domains, an in-depth understanding of SEO and a commitment to delivering exceptional client value.

Widely acknowledged for their unparalleled knowledge of Google’s webmaster policies, penalties, backlink risks and link-building techniques, the duo’s expertise stands out in the SEO discipline. Their journey didn’t stop after leaving Google; instead, it propelled them to explore new opportunities in the digital realm, co-founding SearchBrothers SEO Consulting.

The power of a descriptive domain: crafting SEO solutions

At the core of SearchBrothers’ branding strategy lies using descriptive domains like,, and, purchased through Identity Digital’s registrar partners. Using these platinum-level names allows the entrepreneurs to fully utilise both sides of the dot. Identity Digital manages and operates nearly 300 new web addresses, offering companies like SearchBrothers a variety of options to find the best name for their brand. Recognising the potential of these domains early on, the SEO experts secured them swiftly, understanding their significance in creating a digital presence and aiding search engine algorithms to comprehend the purpose of their websites.

“Our descriptive domains are the best names available for our niche,” said Wiese. “Each website’s purpose and unique selling proposition is clear to potential visitors who see us in Google search results and across the web. When Google Search users see our domain in the Google search results, there is no question about what we offer. More importantly, our names help search engines understand the purpose of each website. Using a unique top-level domain is a superb strategy to build our brand, increase relevant site traffic and ultimately drive conversions.”

Wiese’s domain expertise, honed during his tenure at Google, became a cornerstone of SearchBrothers’ business growth. His company’s clientele primarily grows through word of mouth, a testament to the impactful solutions they provide. SearchBrothers’ unique selling proposition lies in its ability to decode complex SEO challenges, especially for large websites with massive datasets, using proprietary tools Wiese and Szymanski developed based on their Google experience.

Beyond keywords: SearchBrothers’ vision for branding and domain relevance

The significance of domain relevance in SEO is one of Wiese and Szymanski’s pivotal teachings. “Most people don’t know your brand,” said Wiese. “Don’t make users guess what your website is about or what makes your business special. The only thing they know and the first thing they see is what’s presented in the snippet, which includes the domain name. Choosing a great domain name can make all the difference between getting the user to click on your search result or not.”

He added that focusing on user signals is an excellent way to improve your site ranking. “This strategy focuses on the user’s journey from Google to a specific website. For example, a user types a query generating multiple results and makes a decision within just a few seconds. If that user clicks your website and you don’t deliver, they’ll go back to Google for more searches, and eventually, Google will lower your ranking. That’s how Google works.”

On the other hand, if they stay on your site, the algorithm will maintain your site’s high ranking, he said. “Even if another website has been around longer, you can still rank higher if your domain is more closely related to users’ search queries. For example, if a user is looking for SEO tools and your domain is, that gives you a huge advantage. Securing an excellent domain name equates to savings on future marketing expenditures and initiatives. Establish your brand at the forefront of your field with an unforgettable and evocative domain name. This strategy will lead others in your niche to invest more in their marketing efforts to keep pace.”

The impact of conducting domain experiments

Despite the wealth of knowledge Wiese and Szymanski gained at Google, they aren’t resting on their laurels. The SearchBrothers co-founders constantly experiment with their domains, recognising the evolving nature of SEO. “Our domain is a testament to this strategy,” said Wiese. “The site provides a free service to web developers, allowing them to visualise the cumulative layout shifts of any webpage so it becomes easier to identify what needs improving on mobile devices and desktops in the initial load of a website. Last year, we had 100,000 users testing our debugger tool and providing feedback.

“And once on the site, visitors see a clear call to action message: ‘Improve your SEO with SEO audits by ex-Google search engineers’, followed by our descriptive domain name. Displaying the domain name strengthens our message, boosts authority and provides clarity on the services we offer.”

Beyond his technical expertise, Wiese emphasises the importance of short, memorable and brandable domains. He also highlights that choosing a good domain name allows you to build your brand quicker – and less expensively. Wiese champions using creative top-level domains, stressing that entrepreneurs should align their domains closely with their site expectations and search intent.

SearchBrothers’ success isn’t just about their profound knowledge but also their attention to detail. The entrepreneurs emphasise the importance of small but significant actions, such as aligning business email addresses with domains, an aspect often overlooked by small business owners.

SearchBrothers’ story is a testament to the fusion of expertise, innovation and relentless dedication. Wiese’s and Szymanski’s journey from Google to become trailblazers in SEO and domain utilisation stands as an inspiration for entrepreneurs striving to carve their niche in the digital landscape.

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