Industry-first GenAI digital assistant helps HR get immediate answers to people-related questions

Industry-first GenAI digital assistant helps HR get immediate answers to people-related questions

Visier, a globally recognised leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for people-powered business, has announced its Generative AI based assistant, Vee, is now available to all customers and prospects. Vee instantly answers workforce specific questions for HR leaders, managers and executives, securely and accurately, helping to democratise people insights to all levels of an organisation. Vee is also the foundation for Visier’s embedded Generative AI offering, which dramatically accelerates Generative AI product roadmaps for peopletech SaaS vendors and solution providers. 

A breakthrough Generative AI solution for people insights

Visier’s rapid advancement in Generative AI is anchored in a domain-specific data model, a community dataset built on 25 million anonymised employee records, more than 2,000 business metrics and 250 million benchmarks from over 50,000 customers; as well as a robust security architecture the company has developed and perfected over the last decade. This gives Visier an unmatched advantage in delivering highly accurate and secure Generative AI solutions for unlocking and scaling people insights.

“Generative AI is expected to cause profound disruptive change to virtually every enterprise function, but perhaps most notably in HR and how leaders manage people,” said Ryan Wong, Co-founder and CEO, Visier. “People impact is business impact and Vee will help people leaders drive better productivity, employee impact and overall corporate performance by making better decisions about people and the work they do.”

Vee enters general availability following a successful six-month public preview, which invited 80+ Visier customer organisations to actively use and provide feedback on the product. The rapid evolution in capability and quality was evident through dozens of iterative releases and a continuous enhancement of LLM understanding, resulting in the highly performant and capable solution built on dedicated and scalable Microsoft Azure OpenAI compute.

“Vee is one of the most spectacular examples of Generative AI in HR today,” said Josh Bersin, globally recognised HR industry analyst. “Every problem we need to solve in HR is interconnected. HR professionals need to connect data to diagnose people and business problems, and tools like Vee make this amazingly easy.”

Among the customers participating in the preview was Ascension, one of the largest healthcare companies in North America.

“Vee serves as a bridge between questioning and understanding, cultivating user engagement and enhancing data comprehension by providing simplified access to critical information without requiring expertise in emerging technologies,” said Ellen Gentile, HR analytics manager at Ascension. “Its streamlined query framework ensures data privacy and security while harnessing the full potential of Generative AI, utilising metadata instead of organisational data.”

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