Company finds a software solution to bring everything under one roof

Company finds a software solution to bring everything under one roof

Zafbuild is a professional roofing service based out of Bristol in the UK, offering a wide range of roofing solutions. Founded by South African William De Wet, the professional roofing company has completed over 125 projects, achieving more than 30 awards. It has a team of 15 highly skilled and experienced roofing experts. He was managing roofing jobs across a range of platforms, which felt like an inefficient means of working, so he chose ToolTime because he wanted a software solution that would bring all admin into one place.

Besides industry-grade roofing services, Zafbuild offers affordable service charges and a high level of transparency in its pricing. The company caters for all types of roofing requirements, providing tailor-fit roofing installation and maintenance for residential and commercial properties alike.

Zafbuild uses ToolTime to manage invoicing, quotes, appointment booking and project management and to streamline communications. Centralising all administrative operations into one core system is particularly useful for De Wet as the company director who uses the ToolTime dashboard daily in order to provide an overview of everything that’s going on across the business.

He said: “It’s fantastic for me to see what work and payments we have coming in via appointments and invoices and the potential work in the pipeline from quotes.“

One main supervisor is responsible for maintaining the documentation of invoices and quotes, but de Wet’s plan is for all seven supervisors to have ToolTime in due course.

Zafbuild has over 500 customers. By using ToolTime, De Wet is able to better manage all the company’s ongoing jobs because he has all of the necessary information together in one place. Before, he was managing everything on three different platforms – WhatsApp, Excel and Word – which made running the business more complicated than it needed to be. ToolTime brings order to that, centralising and simplifying company administrative operations.

Zafbuild currently has three complete ToolTime licences and two mobile licences, with the aim for all supervisors to have access soon.

ToolTime is a cloud-based job management software solution for tradespeople. Developed specifically for home service trades, it can be used to digitise and centralise all company processes to simplify operations and find efficiencies, giving tradespeople the power to effortlessly keep track of work in real-time and from wherever they are. This creates administrative efficiency and provides a smooth, more transparent service for customers. Since its launch in Germany in 2018, ToolTime’s web and mobile applications are already saving more than 10,000 tradespeople up to 30% on working time.

ToolTime can be used for important functions such as job time tracking, site documentation, customer signature capture and job planning and scheduling – including a free customer SMS confirmation and map-based appointment visibility. Quotes and invoices can be created in just a few clicks, with data flowing seamlessly from the in-app digital timesheets and logged work, saving users hours of admin and ensuring efficiency and professionalism.

Other key attributes of the ToolTime job management software include:

● Easily integrated plug and play web software with iOS and Android compatibility
● Configured for local tax systems to allow financial information to be easily exported for hassle-free tax returns
● Complete customer data transfer service and live team training
● Ongoing dedicated customer support.

William De Wet took the time to speak to Intelligent about his company’s use of ToolTime:

Do you and your team use ToolTime on mobile/tablets?

I use ToolTime both out and about and at home; using the app on my phone but also at home on the desktop. My supervisor, Steve, does the same but sometimes he takes the laptop with him. When I add more colleagues to the system, they will be using their iPads.

Is there any paperwork or documentation that ToolTime has simplified/ centralised?

Definitely. It’s great to have all our site photos in one place. No more scrolling for ages through my camera roll or our company WhatsApp group for the site photos we need. Now, I can just open up the relevant appointment and see the photos that have been uploaded directly from my supervisors on site. With five-10 photos added per appointment, this greatly simplifies the documentation of job photos.
What results have you seen in terms of time saved/ simplified workflows/ greater efficiencies?

We’ve saved more than 50% of our time on paperwork using ToolTime. It used to take us up to 20 minutes to half an hour to do our admin for each job. Now with ToolTime templates it takes just five minutes because all we have to do is proofread and spell check.

If you have saved time using ToolTime, how have you used that time?

By saving time on paperwork, ToolTime has enabled me to start going back to the customers who don’t accept their quote to understand why they haven’t gone with us. Most of the time customers wouldn’t decline a quote if they didn’t want to go with us, they would just not reply. About 1% of people come back to us to decline a quote. The others just don’t acknowledge it. With the time we save using ToolTime, we are now able to go back to the customer and get feedback to see why they haven’t accepted. Sometimes we even win them back.

Will ToolTime help you grow?

Yes! ToolTime has already helped to grow the business by 20% in terms of profit. The fact that I can now see everything in one place means that I am able to see exactly what we need to do as a business in order to achieve growth. The time saved on paperwork is actively contributing to my own ability to solicit feedback on our quotes and pursue leads that I might not have been able to go after previously. As we add more employees to the software further down the line and start to use the time tracking feature, I will also be able to monitor their working time much better. For now, I am able to see exactly what we need to focus on.

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