Collaboration to launch entrepreneur accelerator programmes

Collaboration to launch entrepreneur accelerator programmes

British entrepreneurship’s rich history has been imparted to some of the world’s most dynamic young and female entrepreneurs in South Korea thanks to a collaboration between Kickstart Asia and the Social Enterprise Academy. 

SEA has become the largest Institute of Leadership and Management Centre in Scotland working with over 1,000 adults per year while sharing its model internationally.

Neil McLean and Jess Kemp from SEA and Taeje Park from Kickstart Asia have come together to transform British entrepreneurial principles into acceleration programmes tailored for Korean and Asian start-ups. These programmes emphasise ethical innovation and have supported countless young entrepreneurs in Korea, providing the tools and inspiration needed for success. 

As a result, numerous Korean entrepreneurs have been influenced and inspired by these initiatives. Additionally, many British entrepreneurship experts have established valuable connections with Korean start-ups, fostering a robust network of international collaboration. 

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